Invisalign® Treatment for Adults

As the gold standard of traditional orthodontia, there’s nothing wrong with bracket-and-wire braces. They are extremely effective at realigning teeth and do not lead to damage or tooth decay, as long as proper hygiene devices and procedures are routinely used. However, as a culture, we tend to associate braces with youth; for adults seeking transformative orthodontic therapy, Invisalign offers the same results, with a more discreet appearance during treatment.

The Invisalign system was designed to give patients a more flexible and cosmetically pleasing alternative to traditional wire-and-bracket braces. With traditional braces, certain foods, (such as candy, gum, and popcorn) can be problematic, because they often stick to dental work and may loosen the wires or brackets. Invisalign, however, was designed to be removable, so all your eating and oral health routines will be unaffected.

Invisalign has an additional benefit: treatment is usually completed over a period of 12-18 months, rather than the minimum two years required for braces. Also, braces require patients to come back to the office each month to have wires tightened; this is how the teeth are prompted to move. With Invisalign, however, new aligner trays are introduced at regular intervals, and may be quickly collected from our front desk or mailed directly to your home. After the initial treatment visits, you will only need to visit the office every six weeks to evaluate progress.

The thing patients love most about Invisalign is that the clear acrylic aligner trays are almost invisible. No one will know your teeth are being straightened, except you and your dentist.

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Braces Invisalign
Minimum of two years 12-18 months, or less
Non-removable Removable for eating, and cleaning
Visible wires and brackets Clear acrylic aligners are only noticeable at close range
Requires monthly appointments for tightening Quick six-week appointments, new aligners are sent directly to your home or can be picked up at the office