Invisalign Teen®
Same system as Invisalign® for adults

Includes 6 free replacement aligners, for any that go missing

Each aligner has a built-in system (the blue dot), which fades when the aligner is worn to completion.

Invisalign Teen®

The Invisalign Teen system was developed to help teenagers better stay on track with their orthodontic treatment plans. The life of a teen is often busy. Between academics, sports, socializing, and getting adequate rest each night, teens have a lot to remember. The Invisalign Teen system can help both you and your teen stick with the orthodontic plan, so treatment can be completed on time.

Since the translucent aligners are so easily removable, busy teenagers are more likely to forget to replace them after a meal, remove them when socializing, or remove them for other reasons. Because the aligners are not effective when only worn sporadically, Invisalign Teen lets you (and your teen) know if they are being worn as often as recommended. Each aligner has a blue dot that fades slowly as the aligner is worn. When the blue dot is gone, it’s time to move on to the next aligner.

In addition to the blue dots, Invisalign Teen also includes an additional six aligners at no cost. Teens lose things—it’s okay. We don’t charge you for replacing up to six aligners.

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